Alaska Real Estate Training is Alaska's premier provider of  
licensing and continuing education for real estate  
professionals. Our instructor, Becky Brewer is a practicing  
Associate Broker with many years of experience in the  
industry and she understands the needs of her students. Our  
course is designed to provide you with all the tools and  
knowledge required to be a successful real estate licensee.

Ask Yourself -
Do I want to earn more money?
Do I want to be independent and run my own business?
Do I want the best training, mentoring, education and tools to become a successful licensee?
If your answer is yes, give us a try.
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Real estate is a business where rewards  
are in direct proportion to effort. The  
more organized and consistent the efforts,  
the greater the rewards.  Is it for you?
Find out what is required by the State of
Alaska to be come a real estate licensee.
Meet your real estate training instructor,  
Becky Brewer who provides top quality  
real estate training, giving you a head start  
in your new career.
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